Pompano Beach - The New Downtown Destination

Pompano Beach

Pompano Beach - The New Downtown Destination

Creating a Downtown Destination

#ProgressinPompano is taking another leap forward as RocaPoint Partners, LLC is scheduled to host two community meetings about the new Downtown development. This is a tremendous opportunity for residents and business owners to learn about the vision for the area and to provide valuable input. At this juncture, the City is in the negotiation phase regarding the master developer agreement for the Downtown, and these meetings are an essential part of the process. Join us on Wednesday, February 7th at 6:00 p.m. at the Pompano Beach Cultural Center or on Thursday, February 8th at 6:00 p.m. at the Emma Lou Olson Civic Center. The presentation content will be the same for both dates, and registration is not required for either.

Creating a new Downtown puts Pompano Beach in an enviable position. While many cities across the nation struggle to revitalize last-century designs, our City will be creating a new dynamic downtown destination that will be developed as an economic engine for future generations.

RocaPoint Partners has a stellar reputation as a Master Developer who creates forward-thinking projects in cities where residents live, work, raise families, and have fun! The firm has spearheaded transformative projects for other communities including University Ridge in South Carolina and Halcyon in Georgia, while garnering acclaim from city leaders who declared the firm “easy-to-work-with, problem solvers, and willing to pivot.”

This blend of past-performance, along with their visionary outlook for Pompano Beach, made their initial presentation stand out. More importantly, the firm detailed the economic impact of their plan, which includes a $1.5 billion dollar investment in our Downtown. Key projects include multifamily housing, office space, commercial/retail mix, a hotel, civic center, a new City Hall, open space, and parking.

As this development advances over the next decade, our Downtown will become an economic powerhouse for our City, expanding job creation, while reducing the tax burden of our residents.

The City and its CRA developed this vision and cutting-edge objective over twenty years ago when they laid the groundwork by assembling parcels of land, approximately 75 acres along the I-95 corridor. This past year, the CRA hired globally acclaimed real estate firm CBRE as the agent to broadly market the opportunity and analyze responses for a master real estate developer.

The City and CRA will now continue negotiating with RocaPoint Partners to finalize the Master Developer Agreement over the next several months.

Now may be the time to buy a home in Pompano Beach!  Big things are to come that will only raise the property values in our beloved Pompano Beach!

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